Local Leadership

2015/2016 Executive Board and Building Representatives

President Dick Castilow ext. 532110
Vice-President Tracy Ranier ext. 532303
Treasurer Kara Kolesar ext. 532154
Secretary Rod Rowell ext. 532113
High School Reps Tammy Hackenberg ext. 532175
Danielle Perella-Dutton ext. 532117
Tricia Pletcher ext. 532151
Middle School Reps Alison Blake ext. 532628
Alice Weatherly ext. 532637
Amber Wheatley ext. 532624
Cornerstone Reps Kim Bruning ext. 532414
Brittany Rohrs ext. 532418
Grill Rep Annie Reed ext. 532509
Primary Reps Cindy Addis ext. 532309
Kathy Kanis ext. 532325
OEA Delegate Rep
Jason Bryan
Regina Kovac
ext. 532120
ext. 532133

*If you need to contact a building representative, please call the extension and inform them you need to speak with them.  Please limit details on voicemail extensions.  Thank you!

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